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Introducing Wixworth

At the heart of Wixworth, a passion to conserve and to contribute to all that is authentic in our spirit, all which makes us original. A classic is one of particular style, of lasting worth, and with a timeless quality. We are adaptable. But do not conform. We embrace what we have learned. Yet stay true to ourselves. We are classic. To what has been. To what may come. Our past and future. Our spirit is one.


Wixworth is firmly committed to protecting our rhino. Renosterbos, meaning ‘rhino bush’, gets its name from these majestic creatures that once roamed freely across Southern Africa. It is said that the thin leaves of the shrub, which go grey when dried in the sun, are similar in colour to a Black rhino’s hide. We believe that saving endangered rhinos from extinction is something we can all collectively raise a glass to. For every bottle sold, you raise a glass, we contribute!


A classic dry gin made our way.
Originality at the heart of what we do to deliver a South African classic.

A classic dry gin, the South African way.
6 botanicals. Volume: 750 ml. 43% Alc.

An original classically redesigned. The tall, elegant shape of a traditional wine bottle lends itself perfectly to tell our classic story. The red tag represents the warm South African sun shining down on our rich green landscapes with the silver renosterbos glistening in the warm rays.

Classically South African. Celebrating every occasion.
We are passionate about conserving all that makes us original and are dedicated to the survival of all things classically South African. Our people, our places, our nature and our way of life.

The journey of discovering the best dry gin recipes began when we looked at recipes dating back to the 17th century. We embraced what we learned from these recipes, but stayed true to ourselves by adapting and not conforming to what other Dry Gin brands were creating. We looked internally, and at our heart we always had a passion to conserve and contribute to what makes us classically South African. During this journey we discovered that renosterbos can be added to make your drink more refreshing, pleasant to drink or to simply add a gentle floral note. By staying true to ourselves, we use renosterbos to deliver on our own classic, originally created dry gin.


#BeAClassic #wixworthgin



50ml Wixworth Gin

200ml plain Tonic Water

Garnish with a wheel of lime

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